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If you’re looking to buy carpet or carpet tile online, Coastal Carpet is the place to go. Coastal Carpet offers a diverse selection of carpets to suit any room’s lifestyle, budget, and timeline. We put the carpets through rigorous testing above and beyond industry standards to ensure that they can perform when it matters most. We take pride in having the most extensive carpet selection. Whether you need a plush carpet in your living room, a toilet, or hardwoods in your entryway, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your flooring needs.

Get The Best Carpet

Coastal Carpet is passionate about its employees, products, and mission. Purchasing flooring can be a difficult task, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. We envision a brighter future for our clients, employees, business, and neighbourhoods. Our elegant, creative products reflect this meticulous attention to detail and intense focus.

We believe in quality.

Our collection is created using the most advanced knitting machines in the world and specialized forces and experienced design staff to collect high-quality machine-made carpet products.

Coastal Carpet is pleased to present our newest collection of handcrafted carpets and tapestries. We can provide the highest quality handmade carpets and tapestries on the market today because of our long-standing relationships with the best weavers in the world. A good carpet or rug is the foundation for not only beautiful design but also for better living. We believe in quality and character from the ground up, from the goods we represent to the relationships we form.

When you buy a carpet from Coastal Carpet:

  • We will assist you in finding the perfect carpet to suit your needs.
  • We’ll take measurements while also looking for any potential issues that might prevent a good fit.
  • We will give you a fair date once you have chosen the carpet. The remaining balance will not be due until the day of the fitting.
  • Until the day of installation, your carpet will be stored on a rack in our warehouse.
  • It will be taken off the rack with a boom pole by our forklift truck and chopped up into room sizes on the morning of the fitting to make it easier to handle.
  • It is then loaded without poles onto our fitter’s vans. When taken into the room to be installed, it is flexible and less likely to damage your walls, door frames, or paintwork.
  • For two years, we ensure all of our fitters’ work to be of high quality.

You may pay a little more in the end, but you will receive a high-quality service that will result in satisfied customers who will refer us to their friends and return when they need flooring again.

We have a large and well-curated selection of stocked and custom rugs and carpets in our showroom. We recognize that each project and client is distinct. As a result, our experienced team caters to your specific requirements and offers a full-service experience, from product selection to fabrication and installation. Our company prides itself on providing personalized service. We want you and your client to have a positive, stress-free, collaborative, and professional experience.

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