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Vertical blind fabrics, colours, and patterns are available from Coastal Carpet Blinds. We’re sure to have the perfect vertical blinds for your windows or doors, regardless of the styling of your room. We have washable, fire-resistant, blackout, designer, patterned, and plain fabrics.

Vertical Blinds for the Conservatory

Except for inward-opening french doors, vertical blinds can be installed on most windows and doors. Vertical blinds in a conservatory provide the best of both worlds because they can be closed or tilted to control glare and heat from the sun. They can also be moved or bunched to one side to give you an uninterrupted view when you need them. The majority of our sheer fabrics come with a matching roller fabric for french doors, making them suitable for a conservatory.

Our vertical blinds are made to a high standard in our factory and include a free child-safe option.

Stylish and Easy To Use

Vertical blinds are a great option because they are simple to use and still look stylish.

These lights are effectively controlled, and your privacy is never jeopardized. They gather much less dust than other kinds of window shades and can be cleaned with a feather duster or a wet cloth. You can easily change the slats without having to buy a new blind. Coastal Carpet Vertical Blinds help to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. They have a fantastic mix of design and functionality, with a classic style with a contemporary twist.

Assurance of high quality

We offer made-to-measure vertical blinds, as well as free advice, home or business visits, measurements, and quotes to help you get the job done right. To guarantee the best results, you’ll receive the highest level of service.

We come to you and accurately measure your windows before assisting you in designing the best possible solution for them.

Our Vertical Blinds are made of high-quality materials and can be installed in any room of your house, including wet or humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Coastal Carpet Blinds is proud to manufacture Window Shutters in-house, ensuring longevity and superior quality.

Our blinds are cordless and control wand-free, making them perfect for children. By sliding the cleverly constructed integral adjuster, louvers or slats can be easily adjusted. Furthermore, our vertical blinds are simple to maintain!

Professional Setup

Our skilled installers can handle any job, no matter how big or small. Fitting is guaranteed or your money back. Do you prefer fabrics that are plain, patterned, or textured? We’ll have a style to match your decor perfectly, no matter what it is. If you have any problems with your vertical blinds, we’re here to assist you and make things right.

You can browse our collection of vertical blinds and shutters using our free measurement service. We have a fantastic sales team who would be delighted to consult with you at your home or company on a day and time convenient for you.

Guaranteed lowest price

All of our assets are backed by a quality guarantee and are expertly installed and made to measure to ensure a perfect fit for your windows, conservatories, or doors. Coastal Carpet can offer competitive pricing and excellent value because we manufacture all of our vertical blinds in-house. Call us today to schedule your free measurement!

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