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Roman blinds will add sophistication and warmth to your space. Originally designed to keep dust out of Rome’s homes, they now provide style, insulation, and privacy. Our fabric collection of modern and traditional designs can stand out or mix in with your existing decor. Coastal Carpet’s Roman blinds are custom-made to fit your windows for a sleek, personalized look. Our Romans are handcrafted, exquisitely crafted, and well-known in many homes.

Choose from a variety of fabrics to give your home a traditional look while maintaining a contemporary feel. Coastal Carpet has a range of materials to suit your needs, from subtly textured cotton to soft luminous silk, whether you’re looking for a primary colour to match your current décor or a unique design to act as a focal point.

Roman Blinds from Coastal Carpet

Our elegant and functional Roman blinds add a striking and impressive finish to any room. Roman blinds are a fashionable and stylish alternative to curtains because of their clean, modern simplicity. Coastal Carpet roman blinds are made from the most delicate quality fabrics from many of the leading fabric houses and are sure to add a wow factor to any room. We supply and install blinds from all major manufacturers and suppliers, and we only use the best products, which come with free advice, expert installation, and a complete guarantee. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, colours, and designs to fit any budget, as well as have single or multiple roman blinds motorized.

We provide a sidewinder mechanism that is simple to use. Fabrics are delivered and sourced from the best fabric houses in the world.



  • You can choose between cordless and chain operation.
  • On-chain models with child-safe features
  • It’s an excellent insulator, which means you’ll save money on your energy bills.
  • It cuts down on the amount of heat that escapes through the walls.
  • Custom-made and tailored to fit your window perfectly
  • To meet your daylighting requirements, choose a single decorative fabric and combine it with a light filter or block outlining.
  • Installation is quick and straightforward, and the material is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Cotton, linens, silks, rayons, polyesters, and various mixes are available to suit all fashions and budgets.
  • A stylish and functional window covering can be colour coordinated with the rest of the house’s decor.


Don’t Compromise On Your Choices

Our expert team will help you find the perfect Roman blind, whether you have a particular colour, design, or fabric in mind or are just looking for ideas.

We come to you to look over our goods and help you make the best decision for your home’s furnishings and decor. Our team also completes all of the measurements as part of the quote to don’t have to.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose roman blinds with blackout and thermal linings, a bespoke makeup service using your fabric, and much more. We are dedicated to delivering the best service and customer care possible. Our competent and friendly staff is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Contact us today for a free Roman Blinds consultation and help us make your home or office more beautiful.

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