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Make The Right Move

This family-owned mattress company is based in Ireland. Jones has been providing people with a great night’s sleep for many years. 

Their products are designed for quality and durability. As a community-driven company, Jones prides itself on providing excellent value and comfortable product lines. They are a company that cares about exceeding customers’ expectations in every respect. 

If you want to improve your sleep, choose Jones’ mattress and discover why they are the leading brand in the region. 

Our friendly and trained staff will be happy to set you in the right direction. Let our helpful staff provide you with more information about this brand and why it might be the ideal match for you. Coastal Carpets is proud to sell top-quality brands to our customers. We are humbled knowing we play a part in ensuring a restful and comfortable sleep for our customers.

Jones Mattress at Coastal Carpets

Choosing a new mattress is an especially important decision given that we spend roughly a third of our lives at sleep. As such it’s vital that you feel confident in both the retailer and the manufacturer. All Mattresses at Coastal Carpets are manufactured here in Ireland or in mainland UK and adhere to the stringent standards of the National Bed Federation for added reassurance. 

What’s more, our helpful online resources also provide excellent advice on improving the quality of your rest and sleep time. Find your perfect mattress today. Call us at +353 0877 947086.

Make The Right Mattress Choice

Finding your ideal mattress is integral to enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep. If you have muscle issues or back problems, then a well-chosen mattress can help to alleviate symptoms and give you much-needed relief. Our knowledgeable team will be able to guide you through our range and tell you about the features of each mattress type so that you can make an informed decision Once you have chosen your mattress, we can arrange for it to be delivered to your door, making the whole process easy and stress-free.

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